a Pronounceable Password Generator

Various password generators exists, able to create (strong) random
passwords, yet they are not very userfriendly. Randomly generated 
passwords are hard to remember.
This project aims to create sufficiently strong random passwords,
which are pronounceable and therefore easier to remember.

In order to make a password pronounceable, vowels must be present
at certain positions. By using linguistic analysis techinques we
can create patterns (in length of 8, 9, or more) representing
vowels or non vowels. 

Next, we can fill these patterns with characters from different tables,

  - tables containing vowels/non vowels as an initial token
  - tables containing vowels/non vowels as an ending token
  - tables containing 2 or 3 length tokens, representing short length
    patterns found in natural texts.

We can use di- and trigrams to list tokens we do not want to occur
in passwords (because otherwise they cannot be pronounced)

Beside that, we use english letter frequencies to build a universe 
of characters. From within this universe, various random techniques
will be used to choose the letters and to choose the pattern.

That is basically it, I'll explain it in more detail some time next week.
The danger lies within the fact that it may produce (partially) existing

Any questions, mail me.

Niels Elburg